Frequently Asked Questions

Bellow you can red to the most frenquently asked questions:

In taxis-malaga.bet we offer an exclusive service to all our clients, with first class full equiped vehicles. What make the diference between us and our competitors is that you are not going to share a taxi with strange people, you will enjoy a trip with a very qualified and experienced driver. If you have any question apart of the information below, we will be more than happy to answer you at our contact section.

Pick up at the Airport

In the taxi services ar the Málaga Airport, the meeting point with the driver will be at the terminal 3 (your arrival terminal) with a panel with your name on it. At that moment our driver will help you with your luggage to bring it to the car.

Pick up at Málaga Port

Normally, at the port (because it is a conveyance that we are not use to use) the exit from the boat use to be a mess. From the moment that you leave your boat, a hall will bring you to the exit. Just there, our driver will be waiting for you with a panel with your name, so you don't have to worry to get lost.

Pick up at Málaga Train Station

Just beacuse the trains can arrive all at the same time, the crowd after you leave the train can be huge. Our taxi driver will know your arrival train number so he can wait for you just at the exit of the train with a panel with your name on it.

Shold I pay if there is any problem with the car on my way?

If something happen from your picking up point to your accomodation or from your accomodation to the conveyance, another taxi will pick you up and bring you to your accomodation. No charges will be applied.

How can I know that the reservation is made?

Once you have filled up our reservation form you will receive an email confirming your reservation will all the details that you have provided.

¿Wich payment methods are accepeted?

We don't like to recieve the payment if you didn't like our service, so you will pay on the arrival. YOu can pay cash or with credit card.

Can I make a reservation for more than 4 people?

Of course, we have a big cars fleet. If you are more than 4, we can send you a 8 seats (driver + 7) taxi or as many as 5 seats (driver + 4) taxis as you need

We are carrying a lot of luggage, will the taxi have enough space?

Our taxis have a big boot so don't worry about your luggage. If you have any special remark about your luggage, you can ask about it in the last step of our reservation process.

What is the meeting point with the driver?

Depending on the conveyance you have choosen to come to Málaga, the driver will be waiting for you on your arrival with a panel with your name on it. At the Airport: arrivals area, just after you pick up your lugggage; At the Train Station: just after leaving your train; At the Port: at the arrivals area.

What happen if my flight is delayed?

We are connected to the Airport, Port and Train Station so we can know in advance if your trip is delayed. Our taxi drivers will be waiting for you until your flight has arrived. No charges will be applied.

Can I cancel my reservation?

You can do it as long as you warn us with 24 hours in advance. You can let it know trough our contact form and we will confirm you the cancelation.

Is there any extra in te taxis-malaga.net service?

We can provide you as many extras as you want that fit your needs: Baby seats, boosters, Dvd player, etc. If you can not find any extra, don't have any doubt to contact us once you have made your reservation, and we will be more than happy to find the extra that you need. No extras will be charged for any extra.